Plainsong to Polyphony, vol. 2

Plainsong to Polyphony, volume 2
Choir of the Carmelite Priory - John McCarthy, cond.
HMV (EMI) CLP 3519 [LP, mono]
HMV (EMI) CSD 3519 [LP, stereo]
Odeon (EMI) CSD 3519 [LP, stereo]


    William Byrd
  1. Pange lingua

  2. Josquin Desprez
  3. La déploration de Johannes Ockeghem

  4. Jacobus de Kerle: Missa Regina coeli
  5. Kyrie

  6. Luca Marenzio
  7. Hodie Christus natus est

  8. Cristobal Morales
  9. Magnificat VIII tone

  10. Giovanni Perluigi da Palestrina
  11. Salve Regina

  12. Giovanni Perluigi da Palestrina: Missa "Lauda Sion"
  13. Benedictus

  14. John Shepherd
  15. Haec dies

  16. Thomas Tallis: Lamentations of Jeremiah
  17. Jerusalem

  18. Tomas Luis de Victoria
  19. Estoto Fortes in bello

Choir of the Carmelite Priory
John McCarthy, cond.

Playing time: ??' ??"

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1970 or prior];
Rel.: 1970 or prior

Everest 3174 / 3 [LPx3] Plainsong to Polyphony

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Information from Medieval and Renaissance Music on Long-playing Records (# 805) & Charles "Josquin Des Prez - A Guide to Research".

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