Art of the Countertenor

Art of the Countertenor
Kowalski, Zaeppfell, Esswood, Jacobs, Deller, Brett, Bowman, Chance, Visse, Raggin, Lesne
HMV Classics 5 73 451-2


    George Frideric Handel: Serse
  1. Frondi tenere...Ombra mai fu

  2. George Frideric Handel: The Choice of Hercules
  3. Lead goddess, lead the way

  4. George Frideric Handel: Saul
    O Lord, whose mercies numberless
    George Frideric Handel:
  5. Amor, qual nuova fiamma...La tigre arde di sdegno

  6. George Frideric Handel: Messiah
  7. He was despised

  8. Henry Purcell: The Fairy Queen
  9. Hark, how all things with one sound rejoice

  10. Henry Purcell: Birthday Ode for Queen Mary, 1692
  11. Sweetness of nature Love's Goddess Sure

  12. Johann Sebastian Bach: Mass in B minor
  13. Agnus Dei

  14. Johann Sebastian Bach: Christmas Oratorio
  15. Schliesse, mein Herze, dies selige Wunder

  16. Johann Adolf Hasse: Cleofide
  17. Se trove perdono

  18. Johann Adolf Hasse: Cleofide
  19. Dov'è? si affreti

  20. Antonio Caldara: Cantata
  21. Soffri, mio caro Alcino

  22. Christoph Willibald Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice
  23. Che farò senza Euridice

  24. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Mitridate, Re di Ponto
  25. Va, va, l'error mio palesa

Playing time: 64' 03"

Performers and date of original release:
[1] Jochen Kowalski [1987]
[2] Alain Zaeppfel [1984]
[3] Paul Esswood.[1981]
[4] René Jacobs [1978]
[5] Alfred Deller [1954], from HMV B 10682 [78 rpm] Handel: Messiah
[6] Alfred Deller [1954], from HMV C 4247 [78 rpm] Purcell: The Fairy Queen - King Richard II - Old Bachelor
[7] Charles Brett & James Bowman [1976]
[8] Charles Brett [19??]
[9] Michael Chance [1989]
[10] Dominique Visse [19??]
[11] Derek Lee Ragin [1987]
[12] Gérard Lesne [1991]
[13] Jochen Kowalski [1989]
[14] Jochen Kowalski [1987]

Date of release: 1999

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Information kindly provided by Nancy Freudenthal from her owned CD; this is a re-issue of EMI 55 054-2 (or in France: EMI 191 384) Le temps des Castrats, released in 1994, less three tracks (one by James Bowman, the others by Aris Christofellis and Alessandro Moreschi)

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