Ancient Greek Music - Music of Islam (1): Near East

Ancient Greek Music - Music of Islam (1): Near East
Ardia Mandikian, S. S. Alami, Maulawiyah Atrak
HMV-Gramophone HMS 8 [78 r.p.m.]


    Ancient Greek Music

  1. First Delphic Hymn
  2. Epitaph of Seikilos
  3. Music of Islam (1): Near East

  4. Muezzin's Call to Prayer
  5. Taqsim Bayati (Turkish)
  6. Bedouin song from El Fayum

Playing time: ??' ??"

[1]-[2] Ardia Mandikian
[3] S. S. Alami
[4] Maulawiyah Atrak (nay)
[5] 'Arab el-Faiyum

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1957 or prior]

HMV HLP 1/2 [LPx2, mono, 25cm] The History of Music in Sound - Vol. I: Ancient and Oriental Music
RCA Victor LM 6057 [LPx2, mono] The History of Music in Sound - Vol. I.: Ancient and Oriental Music

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Information from the booklet provided with the owned LP compilation:
"The history of music in sound. Vol. 1: Ancient and Oriental music, edited by Egon Wellesz. New York, Oxford University Press, 1957" (41 p. illus., music. 25 cm.) program notes by Egon Wellesz and Gerald Abraham, intended originally for use with 78 rpm version, laid in container; corrected contents (p.7-9) applicable to 33 1/3 rpm. version inserted (excerpt from MELVYL catalogue)

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