Anglo-Saxon Christmas

Anglo-Saxon Christmas
10th-century Chant from the Winchester Troper
Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge - Mary Berry
Herald HAVPCD 151 [CD]
Herald HAVPC 151 [Cassette]


  1. Versus ante officium: Hodie cantandus est
  2. Introit: Puer natus est
  3. Kyrie
  4. Gloria
  5. Gradual: Viderunt omnes
  6. Alleluia
  7. Sequence: Celica resonent clare
  8. Offertory: Tui sunt celi
  9. Sanctus
  10. Agnus Dei
  11. Communion: Viderunt omnes
  12. Invitatory: Christus natus est nobis

Playing time: 65' 33"

Ruth Holton (soprano), John Bowley & William Lee (tenors), Michael McCarthy & Jeremy White (bass-baritones), Keith Bryant & John Rowlands-Pritchard (basses)
Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge - Mary Berry, director

Recording site and date:
Charterhouse Chapel [04/1992];
Rel. 1992

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