The Canterbury Pilgrims

The Canterbury Pilgrims
Music for Chaucer's Prologue
Opus Anglicanum
Past Times 3184
Herald HAVPCD 236


  1. Sumer is icumen in (English, 14th Century)
  2. Reading: The Prologue, first part
  3. In Rama sonat gemitus (Anon, 12th Century)
  4. Solemne canticum (Sequence for St Thomas)
  5. Thomas gemma Cantuariensis/ Thomas caesus (English 14th Century)
  6. Reading: The Prologue, second part
  7. L'homme arme (French, 14th Century)
  8. Reading: The Knight, the Squire
  9. Amor mi fa cantar (Italian, 14th Century)
  10. Dame, de qui toute (Guillaume de Machaut, 1300-1377)
  11. Alma redemptoris mater (Hermannus Contractus, 1013-1054)
  12. Reading: The Prioress
  13. Ave regina caelorum (Lionel Power, c.1370-1445)
  14. Reading: The Monk
  15. Tosto che l'alba (Ghirardello de Firenze, fl.1375))
  16. Douce dame jolie (Machaut)
  17. Reading: The Merchant
  18. Tant doucement (Machaut)
  19. Reading: The Clerk, the Franklin
  20. Vos qui admirimini (Philippe de Vitry, 1291-13161)
  21. Reading: The Sailor, the Wife of Bath
  22. Io son un pellegrin (Giovanni da Florentia, fl.1350)
  23. Comment qu'a moy (Machaut)
  24. Reading: The Priest, the Ploughman
  25. Beata progenies (Lionel Power)
  26. Angelus ad virginem (English, 14th Century)
  27. Reading: The Miller
  28. Questa fanciull' amor (Francesco Landini, 1325-1397)
  29. Reading: The Pardoner
  30. Sub Arturo plebs (J Alanus, c.1370)
  31. Reading: The Host
  32. Sanctus and Benedictus (English, c.1375)
  33. Reading: The Journey begins
  34. Sumer is icumen in (English, 14th Century)

Playing time: 78' 40"

Opus Anglicanum
John Touhey (reader), Stephen Tilton (counter tenor), James Gilchrist (tenor), William Lee (tenor), Roland Robertson (baritone), John Rowlands-Pritchard (bass)

Recording site and date:
Dorchester Abbey, Oxon, UK [11/1994];
Rel. 1995 (Past Times), 1999 (Herald)


Information from owned CD. Called "Songs of the Canterbury Tales - with readings in modern English from the Prologue" on Past Times release.

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