The Canterbury Pilgrims

The Canterbury Pilgrims
Opus Anglicanum
Herald 236

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Tracks: Sumer is icumen in (English 14th Century). Reading: The Prologue first part. In Rama sonat gemitus (Anon 12th Century). Solemne canticum Sequence for St Thomas. Thomas gemma Cantuariensis / Thomas caesus (English 14th Century). Reading: The Prologue second part. L'homme arme (French 14th Century). Reading: the Knight the Squire. Amor mi fa cantar (Italian 14th Century). Dame de qui toute (Guillaume de Machaut). Alma redemptoris mater (Hermannus Contractus). Reading: the Prioress. Ave regina caelorum (Lionel Power). Reading: the Monk. Tosto che l'alba (Ghirardello de Firenze). Douce dame jolie (Guillaume de Machaut). Reading: the Merchant. Tant doucement (Guillaume de Machaut). Reading: the Clerk the Franklin. Vos qui admirimini (Philippe de Vitry). Reading: the Sailor the Wife of Bath. Io son un pellegrin (Giovanni da Florentia). Comment qu'a moy (Guillaume de Machaut). Reading: the Priest the Ploughman. Beata progenies (Lionel Power). Angelus ad virginem (English 14th Century). Reading: the Miller. Questa fanciull' amor (Francesco Landini). Reading: the Pardoner. Sub Arturo plebs (J Alanus). Reading: the Host. Sanctus and Benedictus (English c1375). Reading: the Journey begins. Sumer is icumen in (English 14th Century)

Recorded: November 1994; released 2000.

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Todd M. McComb