A Thousand Years in Thy Sight

A Thousand Years in Thy Sight
A celebration of sacred music for the Millenium
The Choir of Guildford Cathedral - Andrew Millington, dir.
Herald HAVPCD 240


  1. Sequence: Victimæ Paschali

  2. Anon., French, 12th c.
  3. Song of the Ass: Orientis Partibus

  4. Anon., School of Notre Dame
  5. Domino fidelium

  6. Anon., 13th c.
  7. Alle psallite

  8. Gratiosus de Padua
  9. Gloria

  10. Guillaume Dufay
  11. O lux beata Trinitas

  12. Robert Parsons
  13. Ave Maria

  14. Orlando Gibbons
  15. This is the record of John

  16. Pietro Cavalli
  17. Salve Regina

  18. Georg Friedrich Handel
  19. Behold the Lamb of God

  20. F. J. Haydn: Missa "Sancti Nicolai"
  21. Gloria

  22. Felix Mendelsohn
  23. Kyrie eleison

  24. Gioacchino Rossini
  25. O salutaris hostia

  26. Johannes Brahms
  27. How lovely are thy dwellings

  28. C. V. Stanford
  29. Glorious and powerful God

  30. Francis Poulenc
  31. Timor et tremor

  32. Jonathan Harvey
  33. Come, Holy Ghost

  34. Andrew Millington
  35. Millenium Hymn (Helvellyn)

Playing time: 60' 02"

The Choir of Guildford Cathedral:
Choristers: Edward Anscombe, James Barklem, Michael Bourne, Benjamin Edwards, Jonathan Edwards, Peter Gale, Christopher Jackson, Thomas Millington, Michael Norton
Head Chorister Cantoris: Benjamin Porter, Benjamin Pulsford, Brynmor Roberts, Calum Roberts, Christopher Roberts, Benjamin Stevens, Daniel Towie
Head Chorister Decani: Edward Whiffin, Thomas White
Altos: Kenneth Brown, Martin Ham, Richard Stevens, Geoffrey Williams, Thomas Woodd
Tenors: John Austin, Bryan Husband, Christopher Warner, Thimothy Woodford
Basses: James Arthur, Peter Davies, Robert Goodrich, Stephen Watts
with Geoffrey Morgan (organ)
Andrew Millington, dir.

Recording site and date:
Guildford Cathedral, England [07-08/1999];
Rel.: 1999

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Early Music America (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):
Goldberg (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):

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