Ensemble Ex: Possessed

Ensemble Ex - Caitriona O'Leary & Eric Fraad
Heresy Records 012


  1. Trad: Psalm 121
  2. Anon., Bayeux MS: La Ditie de Jehanne d'Arc
  3. Bastos & Nascimento: O Deusa Dos Orixás
  4. Anastasius Kircher: Stu Pettu è Fattu Cimbalu d'Amuri
  5. Santiago de Murcia / Trad: Canarios / Vassi d'Iansã
  6. Anon., 15th/16th c.: Ya Toda Me Entregué y Dí
  7. Trad: Pizzica Nardoó
  8. Cancionero de Paris: Não Tragais
  9. O'Leary: Spellsong
  10. Dufay: Ecclesiae Militantis (excerpt)
  11. Santiago de Murcia: Fandango
  12. Trad: Montanara di Carpino
  13. Improv: Tamburello Solo
  14. Hildegard: Nunc Aperuit Clausa Porta
  15. Broadside Ballad: Witchcraft Discovered and Punished
  16. Trad: Pizzica Tarentata
  17. Youmens/Kahn/Eliscu: Music Makes Me

Performers: Caitriona O'Leary (voice, percussion), Clara Sanabras (voice, guitar), Steve Player (guitars, percussion), Paulina van Laarhoven (treble & bass viol, guitar), Harvey Brough (psaltery, guitar, percussion), Francesco Turrisi (frame drums, percussion, colascione), Andrea Piccioni (frame drums, percussion)

Playing time: 54'

Recording date: June 2010 (Ireland); released: 2013

This program mixes music from a broad range of time periods around the subject of possession, as in something needing an exorcism. Apparently it is connected to a stage production.

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Todd M. McComb