Anthems in Eden

Anthems in Eden
Shirley Collins, Dolly Collins & The early Music Consort of London - David Munrow, dir.
Harvest SHVL 754 [LP]
See-for-miles-records SEE 57 [LP]


    A Song-Story (Medley)

    Shirley Collins / Dolly Collins
  1. A. A Beginning
    Trad. Collins / arr. Collins
    B. A Meeting: Searching for Lamas
    C. A Courtship: The Wedding Song
    D. A Denying: The Blacksmith
    E. A Forsaking: Our Captain Cried
    F. A Dream: Lowlands
    G. A Leavetaking: Pleasant and Delightful
    Copper Family / Collins / Marshall / arr. Collins
    H. An Awakening: Whitsun Dance
    Shirley Collins / Dolly Collins
    I. A New Beginning: The Staines Morris ----
    Trad., arr. Shirley Collins / Dolly Collins
  2. Rambleaway

  3. Trad., Burns, arr. Shirley Collins / Dolly Collins
  4. Ca' The Yowes

  5. Williamson
  6. God Dog

  7. Trad., arr. Shirley Collins / Dolly Collins
  8. Bonny Cuckoo
  9. Nellie the Milkmaid
  10. Gathering Rushes in the Month of May
  11. The Gower Wassail

Playing time: 50' 30" app.

Shirley Collins (folk singer) & Dolly Collins (folk singer)
The Early Music Consort of London [Adam Skeaping (bass viol, violone), Roderick Skeaping (rebec, treble viol, bass viol), Oliver Brooks (bass viol), Michael Laird (cornett), Richard Lee (descant recorder, treble recorder), Alan Lumsden (sackbut), Christopher Hogwood (harpsichord), Dolly Collins, (organ), Gillian Reid (bells), David Munrow (soprano, crumhorn. alto crumhornsm, bass rackett, tenor sordun, treble recorder)] - David Munrow, dir.
Chorus "The Home Brew" [Michael Clifton, Ray Worman, John Fordham]
Royston Wood, Steve Ashley, John Morgan

Recording site and date:
Unknown [02/1969], rel. 1969 & 1976.

BGO Records BGOCD 442 [CD] Anthems in Eden.

Information from owned CD compilation & Jos Haring and Gianpaolo Banelli
The first side was originally recorded for BBC Radio 1 "My Kind of Folk" in August 1968, then recorded in February 1969 for EMI's "progressive" Harvest Label with the help of David Munrow and his Early Consort, plus some vocal chorus incl. Royston Wood and Steve Ashley.
The LP sleeve mentioned an address too:

See For Miles Records
Postal Coupon Response Int.
P.O. Box 328 Maidenhead
Berkshire SL6 2NE

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