Shirley Collins, Dolly Collins & al.
Harvest ???? [LP]


    Trad., arr. Shirley Collins / Dolly Collins
  1. Fare Tee Well My Dearest Dear

  2. Anon., Trouvères, 12/13th c., arr. Southcott
  3. C'est La Fin / Pour Mon Cuer

  4. Trad., arr. Collins
  5. Bonny Kate

  6. Trad., arr. Collins / Rodd
  7. Adieu To All Judges and Juries

  8. Anon., England, 13th c., arr. Collins / Southcott
  9. Gymel: Edi Beo Thu Hevene Quene

  10. Trad., arr. Collins
  11. Black Joker / Black, White, Yellow & Green

  12. ... and others (titles unknown)

Playing time: ??' ??"

[1] John Rodd (anglo-concertina), Chris Hogwood (virginals), Simon Nicol (acoustic guitar), Pat Donaldson (electric bass guitar, Dave Mattacks (drum), Roger Brenner (alto sackbut), Colin Sheen (tenor sackbut), Paul Beer (tenor sakbut), Martin Nicholls (tenor sackbut)
[2] John Sothcott (vièle)
[3] John Kirkpatrick (melodeon), Terry Potter (mouth organ), john Reid (anglo-concertina), Ashley Hutchings (acoustic bass guitar), Dave Mattacks (drum)
[4] John Rodd (anglo-concertina), Simon Nichol (electric guitar), Pat Donaldson (electric bass guitar),Martin Nicholls (bass sackbut), Dave Mattacks (regal, drums)
[5] John Sothcott (vièle, recorder)
[6] John Watcham (anglo-concertina), John Kirkpatrick (button accordion), John Rodd (anglo-concertina), Terry Potter (mouth organ), Simon Nicol (electric guitar), Ashley Hutchings (electric bass guitar), Dave Mattacks (drum), David Busby (dancing, vocals), Mike Clifton (dancing, vocals), Dots Daultrey (dancing, vocals), Stuart Hollyer (dancing, vocals), Rogerr Rigden (dancing, vocals), Ada Turnham (dancing, vocals)
The Albion Morris Men (in Black Joker)

Recording site and date:
[1]-[6] Sound Techniques Studio, Cambridge [1975 / 1976]

[1]-[6] BGO Records BGOCD 442 [CD] Anthems in Eden

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