Purcell: Songs and Dialogues

Purcell: Songs and Dialogues
Emma Kirkby / David Thomas / Anthony Rooley
Hyperion A66056
Hyperion "Helios" 55065


    Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
  1. In all our Cinthia's shining sphere
  2. Tell me why
  3. As Amoret and Thyrsis lay
  4. A Pastoral Dialogue betwixt Thyrsis and Iris
  5. Fair Iris and her swain
  6. Go tell Amynta, gentle swain
  7. A Dialogue betwixt Thyrsis and Daphne
  8. Why, my daphne, why complaining?

  9. ---------
  10. Hence fond deceiver (Love and Despair)
  11. In some kind dream
  12. What can we poor females do?
  13. What a sad fate is mine
  14. Lost is my quiet for ever
  15. Stript of their green our groves appear
  16. You say 'tis love
  17. For love every creature is formed by his nature

Playing time: 52'12"

Performer: Emma Kirkby (soprano), David Thomas (bass), Anthony Rooley (lute)

Recording site and date: Forde Abbey, Dorset; 8-9 January 1982

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