Sitting by the Streams

Sitting by the Streams
Henry Lawes: Psalms, Ayres and Dialogues
The Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley, dir.
Hyperion CDA 66135-2


  1. My soul the great God's praises sings
  2. The Lark - "Swift through the yielding air"
  3. Sweet, stay awhile
  4. Amintor's Welladay
  5. A Dialogue - "This mossy bank"
  6. The Angler's Song - "Man's life is but vain"
  7. Hark, shepherd swains
  8. Thee and thy wondrous deeds
  9. A Dream - "I laid me down upon a pillow soft"
  10. Tavola - "In quel gelato core"
  11. I prithee send me back my heart
  12. Slide soft you silver floods
  13. Sing fair Clorinda
  14. Orpheus' Hymn - "O king of heaven and hell"
  15. The Mournful Lovers - "Come, sad turtle"
  16. A Despairing Lover - "Farewell, despairing hopes"
  17. Sitting by the Streams

Playing time: 58'43"

Performer: The Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley dir.
[Emma Kirkby (soprano), Evelyn Tubbs (soprano), Mary Nichols (alto), Joesph Cornwell (tenor), Andrew King (tenor), Richard Wistreich (bass), Alan Wilson (organ), Susan Carpenter-Jacobs (violin), Cathy Weiss (violin), Anthony Rooley (lute)]

Recording site and date: Forde Abbey, Dorset; 27-29 February 1984

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