Music for the Knights of the Garter

The Service of Venus and Mars
Music for the Knights of the Garter, 1340-1440
Gothic Voices - Christopher Page
Hyperion A66238 [LP]
Hyperion 66238 [CD]
Hyperion "Gramophone Award Series" 21238 [CD]
Hyperion "Helios" 55290 [CD]


  1. de Vitry: Gratissima virginis / Vos qui admiramini / Gaude gloriosa
  2. Anon: Singularis laudis digna
  3. Pierre des Molins: De ce que fol pense
  4. Anon: De ce que fol pense
  5. Anon: Lullay, lullay
  6. Pycard: Gloria
  7. Anon: Ther is no rose of swych virtu
  8. Power: Sanctus
  9. Franchois Lebertoul: Las, que me demanderoye
  10. Anon: Le gay playsir
  11. Anon: Le grant pleyser
  12. John Pyamour: Quam pulchra es
  13. Dunstable: Speciosa facta es
  14. Soursby: Sanctus
  15. Richard Loqueville: Je vous pri que j'aye un baysier
  16. Anon: Agincourt Carol

Performers: Margaret Philpot, Rogers Covey-Crump, John Mark Ainsley, Leigh Nixon, Peter Harvey, Colin Mason, Andrew Lawrence-King (harp)

Playing time: 50'

Recording date: October 1986

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 11/2- (November / December 1987), 33/6-481 (July / August 2010)

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