Madrigals by John Ward

Sweet Philomel
Madrigals by John Ward
Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley
Hyperion 66256


  1. If heaven's just wrath
  2. Out from the vale
  3. Sweet Philomel
  4. Hope of my heart
  5. Oft have I tender'd
  6. Die not, fond man
  7. Retire, my troubled soul
  8. My breast I'll set
  9. Cruel unkind
  10. I have entreated
  11. Come, sable night
  12. If the deep sighs

Performers: Emma Kirkby (soprano), Evelyn Tubb (soprano), Mary Nichols (alto), Andrew King (tenor), Rufus Müller (tenor), Alan Ewing (bass)

Playing time: 49'

Recording date: October 1985 (Forde Abbey)

John Ward (1571-1638) is a relatively minor figure in most madrigal surveys, but the Consort of Musicke has recorded his music extensively throughout their career.

A recording devoted to Ward's consort music:

Ward: Consort Music for five and six viols
Linn Records 339

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