Christmas Music from Medieval and Renaissance Europe

Christmas Music from Medieval and Renaissance Europe
The Sixteen - Harry Christopher
Hyperion CDA 66263 [CD]
BMG D 130133-2 [CD]


    from England...
  1. Puer natus est nobis (Plainsong: Introit for Mass of the Day)
  2. Nowell, nowell: In Bethlem (Anon, 15th century)
    (Christopher Royall, alto - Neil MacKensie, tenor)
  3. Gaudete (Piae Cantiones, 1582)
    (Nicolas Robertson, tenor)
  4. Nesciens Mater (Lambe)
  5. The Song of the Nuns of Chester (traditional, c1425 MS)
    (Fiona Clarke, soprano)
  6. Coventry Carol (traditional, 1591 MS)
    (Neil MacKensie, tenor - Simon Birchall, bass)
  7. The Boar's Head Carol (traditional, 1521 MS)
    (Jeremy White, bass)
  8. Videte miraculum (Tallis)

  9. from the Continent...
  10. Quem pastores laudavere (traditional, German 15th century MS)
  11. Pueri, concinite (Handl)
  12. O magnum mysterium (Handl)
  13. Resonet in laudibus (Handl)
  14. Riu, riu chiu (traditional, Spanish medieval)
    (Christopher Hodges, bass)
  15. Nesciens Mater (Mouton)
  16. Omnes de Saba (Lassus)

Playing time: 51' 23"

Treble & mean: Fiona Clarke, Ruth Dean, Sally Dunkley, Mary Seers
Alto: Robin Barda, Peter Hayward, Christopher Royall, Wilfrid Swansborough
Tenor: Peter Burrows, Neil MacKensie, Mark Padmore, Nicolas Robertson
Bass: Simon Burchall, Christopher Hodges, Francis Steele, Jeremy White
Harry Christophers, director

Recording site and date:
Unknown [05/1987];
Rel. 1987

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