Lassus: Music for Holy Week

Lassus: Music for Holy Week and Easter Sunday
Pro Cantione Antiqua - Bruno Turner & Mark Brown
Hyperion 66321/2 (2 CDs)

Reissued as: Hyperion Dyad 22012 (2-for-1)


    Lamentations of Jeremiah à 5

    Three Lamentations for Maundy Thursday
  1. First Lamentation
  2. Second Lamentation
  3. Third Lamentation

  4. Three Lamentations for Good Friday
  5. First Lamentation
  6. Second Lamentation
  7. Third Lamentation

  8. Three Lamentations for Holy Saturday
  9. First Lamentation
  10. Second Lamentation
  11. Third Lamentation
    Music for Easter Sunday
  1. Hymn for Lauds Aurora lucis rutilat
  2. Motet Surgens Jesus
  3. Motet Christus Resurgens
  4. Motet Regina coeli laetare
  5. Magnficat super Aurora lucis rutilat

  6. Requiem à 4
  7. Introitus Requiem aeternam
  8. Kyrie
  9. Graduale Si ambulem in medio umbrae
  10. Tractus Absolve Domine
  11. Sequentia Dies irae
  12. Offertorium Domine Jesu Christe, rex gloriae
  13. Sanctus
  14. Agnus Dei
  15. Communio Lux aeterna luceat eis
  16. Antiphon In paradisum

Playing time: 133'

Recording date: August & October 1981

This recording has apparently been reissued on two separate CDs, Regis 1123 & Regis 1124.

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The latter includes the 5-part Requiem as distinct from the present 4-part Requiem.

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Todd M. McComb