Byrd: Gradualia

Byrd: Gradualia, Vol. 1
The William Byrd Choir - Gavin Turner
Hyperion 66451
Hyperion "Helios" 55047

Performers: The William Byrd Choir, with Deborah Roberts, David Cordier, Michael Chance, John Mark Ainsley, Michael George

Playing time: 79'39

Recording date: February and March, 1990

This performance is by a moderate-sized choir and five soloists (the music is in five parts). Byrd's Gradualia is a massive publication (actually, two publications -- this is the first part of the first publication), supplying Propers settings for every major feast of the liturgical year. It is designed so that the various masses can be reconstructed from various combinations of the supplied verses (incorporating appropriate chant). This disc contains programming instructions for constructing ten masses, or alternatively one can listen to the individual verses in published order. This recording is the complete first section of the Gradualia, the Marian Masses (42 tracks).

A recording in which two of these masses are presented in liturgical order:

Byrd: Missa in tempore Paschali
Harmonia Mundi 905182

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