Peñalosa masses

Francisco de Peñalosa: Missae Ave Maria peregrina, Nunca fué pena mayor
Westminster Cathedral Choir - James O'Donnell
Hyperion 66629
Hyperion "Helios" 55326


    Missa Ave Maria peregrina
  1. Kyrie
  2. Gloria
  3. Credo
  4. Sanctus
  5. Benedictus
  6. Agnus Dei
  7. Motet: Sacris solemniis

  8. Missa Nunca fué pena mayor
  9. Kyrie
  10. Gloria
  11. Credo
  12. Sanctus
  13. Agnus Dei

Performers: Choir of Westminster Cathedral - James O'Donnell, The Master of Music

Playing time: 66'31

Recording date: June/July 1992

Six masses by Francisco de Peñalosa survive, of which the Missa Ave Maria peregrina (based on several Marian chants) is the only one not built on a secular melody. The Missa Nunca fué pena mayor is based on the Superius and occasionally the Tenor of a well-known villancico by Johannes Wreede (Urrede). Sacris solemniis is a setting of a popular Corpus Christi hymn, alternating polyphony with the rhythmicized monophonic tune.

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