Gabriel's Greeting

Gabriel's Greeting
Medieval English Christmas Music
Sinfonye - Stevie Wishart
Hyperion CDA 66685
Hyperion "Helios" CDH 55151


  1. Gabriel fram even king
  2. Rondellus: Salva nos, stella maris
  3. Estampie: Miri it is
  4. Rondellus: Salve, Virgo virginum
  5. Rondellus: Ave Maria, virgo virginum
  6. Rondellus: Procedenti puero
  7. Rondellus: Ecce mundi gaudium
  8. Rondellus: Ut iam cesset calamitas
  9. Gabriel fram evene king (untexted realisation)
  10. Instrumental piece
  11. Motet: Vide miser et iudica / Vide miser et cogita / Wynter
  12. Estampie
  13. Ther is no rose of swych vertu (a 2)
  14. Ther is no rose of swych vertu (instrumental)
  15. Lolay, lolay. Als y lay on yoleis night
  16. Nowell, nowell, nowell! This is the salutacyon of the angell Gabryell

Performers: Vivien Ellis (voice), Jocelyn West (voice), Stevie Wishart (fiddle, voice, symphonia), Jim Denley (percussion), Paula Chateauneuf (lute)

Playing time: 63' 08'

Recording date: June 1993

This recording focuses on English carols & related repertory from the later 13th century.

Helios re-edition was reviewed in Goldberg (2004/27-88) (info from Pierre-F. Roberge).

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Todd M. McComb