Danyel: Complete Songs and Lute Music
Nigel Short, David Miller, et al.
Hyperion 66714


  1. Like as the lute delights (countertenor, lute)
  2. Time, cruel time (soprano, lute, viol)
  3. Pavan (lute)
  4. What delight can they enjoy (4 voices)
  5. Grief keep within (countertenor, lute, viol)
  6. Drop not, mine eyes (countertenor, lute, viol)
  7. Have all our passions? (countertenor, lute, viol)
  8. Why canst thou not? (soprano, lute, viol)
  9. Stay, cruel, stay! (soprano, lute)
  10. The Passymeasures Galliard (2 lutes)
  11. Coy Daphne fled (soprano, countertenor, lute, viol)
  12. Let not Chloris think (countertenor, lute)
  13. Eyes, look no more (countertenor, lute, viol)
  14. Rosamund (lute)
  15. Thou pretty bird (countertenor, lute)
  16. A Fancy (2 lutes)
  17. Dost thou withdraw thy grace? (soprano, lute)
  18. He whose desires are still abroad (countertenor, lute, viol)
  19. If I could shut the gate (countertenor, lute, viol)
  20. I die whenas I do not see (countertenor, lute)
  21. Monsieur's Almain (lute)
  22. Can doleful notes? (countertenor, lute)
  23. No, let chromatic tunes (countertenor, lute)
  24. Uncertain turns of thought (countertenor, lute)
  25. Now the earth, the skies, the air (4 voices, 2 lutes, viol)
  26. Mistress Anne Grene her Leaves be Green (lute)

Performers: Nigel Short (countertenor), David Miller (lute), Libby Crabtree (soprano), Charles Daniels (tenor), Matthew Vine (tenor), Adrian Peacock (bass), Jacob Heringman (lute), Mark Caudle (bass viol)

Playing time: 79'

Recording date: January & March 1994

John Danyel (1564-c.1626) was an otherwise obscure composer who left one book of quality songs (and lute music), in a variety of styles.

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