Music for Court and Church from the later Middle Ages

The Spirits of England and France - I
Music for Court and Church from the later Middle Ages
Gothic Voices - Christopher Page
Hyperion 66739 [CD]
Helios 55281 [CD]


    Part I: Fourteenth & Fifteenth Centuries
  1. Anon: Quant la douce jouvencelle (3 voices)
  2. Cooke: Gloria (5 voices)
  3. Matteo da Perugia: Belle sans per (3 voices)
  4. Machaut: Ay mi! dame de valour (voice)
  5. Anon: En cest mois de May (4 voices)
  6. Anon (virelai): Laus detur multipharia (4 voices)
  7. Old Hall (anon): Credo (5 voices)
  8. Anon: La uitime estampie real (fiddle)
  9. Pykini: Plaisance, or tost (4 voices)

  10. Part II: Twelfth & Thirteenth Centuries
  11. Anon: Deduc, Syon, uberrimas (2 voices)
  12. Anon: La septime estampie real (fiddle)
  13. Anon (motet): Je ne puis / Par un matin / Le premier jor / Iustus (4 voices)
  14. Anon: Beata nobis gaudia (voice)
  15. Anon (motet): Virgo plena gratie / Virgo plena gratie / Virgo (3 voices)
  16. Anon: La quarte estampie real (fiddle)
  17. Anon: Crucifigat omnes (voice)
  18. Anon: Flos in monte cernitur (3 voices)
  19. Anon: In Rama sonat gemitus (voice)
  20. Perotinus: Presul nostri temporis (3 voices)
  21. Anon: Ave Maria (3 voices)

Performers: Rogers Covey-Crump, Paul Agnew, Julian Podger, Andrew Tusa, Leigh Nixon, Stephen Charlesworth, Henry Wickham, Pavlo Beznosiuk (fiddle)

Playing time: 63'

Recording date: March 1994

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 18/4- (March/April 1995), 30/6-268 (July/August 2007)
Goldberg (y., #-p.): 2008, 54-86

This recording includes pieces from the 12th through 15th centuries, although it is principally music from the 13th & 14th centuries. It is part sacred and part secular. Latin works without indicated genres are conducti.

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