Music for Shakespeare's Company

Hark! hark! the lark
Music for Shakespeare's Company
Bott / Gooding / Cornwell / Varcoe / Parley of Instruments - Peter Holman
Hyperion 66836


  1. Johnson?: Hark! hark! the lark
  2. Johnson?: Get you hence
  3. Johnson?: The Tempest
  4. Johnson: Where the bee sucks
  5. Johnson: Full fathom five
  6. Johnson: Tell me, dearest
  7. Johnson: Oh, let us howl
  8. Johnson: Care-charming sleep
  9. Robert Taylor / Thomas Simpson: Almand in G major
  10. Anon / Johann Schop: The Noble Man
  11. Anon: See the chariot at hand
  12. John Wilson: Take, O take those lips away
  13. Johnson: Arm, arm! the scouts are come in
  14. Johnson: 'Tis late and cold
  15. Johnson: Come away, Hecate
  16. Johnson?: The Witches' Dance
  17. Simon Ives: Suite in G minor
  18. Anon: The blushing rose
  19. Wilson: A bonny, bonny bird I have
  20. John Atkins: This lady ripe and fair
  21. Ives: Pavan in G minor
  22. William Lawes: Why so pale and wan, fond lover?
  23. John Hilton: Hence, all ye vain delights
  24. Lawes: A health to the northern lass
  25. Ives: Suite in C major SIMON IVES
  26. Lawes: Come, my Daphne, come away
  27. Lawes: Sommus, the humble god
  28. Lawes: The cats, as other creatures do
  29. Ives: The Wagge

Performers: Catherine Bott (soprano), Julia Gooding (soprano), Joseph Cornwell (tenor), Stephen Varcoe (baritone); Parley of Instruments - Peter Holman

Playing time: 71'

Recording date: April 1997

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Todd M. McComb