Bach: Trio Sonatas

Bach: Six Trio Sonatas
The King's Consort - Robert King
Hyperion 66843


Six Trio Sonatas, originally for organ, BWV 525-30

Performers: David Woodcock (violin), Simon Jones (violin), Jane Norman (viola), David Watkin (cello), Katharina Spreckelsen (oboe d'amore), David Miller (theorbo), Robert King (organ, harpsichord)

Playing time: 71'

Recording date: October 1995

This recording takes its cue for arrangement from Bach's source for the opening movement of the E minor sonata, the symphony to part two of the Cantata Himmel erzählen die Ehre Gottes (BWV 76), scored for oboe d'amore, viola da gamba and continuo.

Another program featuring transcriptions, for oboe:

Bach: Music for Oboe and Harpsichord
Gail Hennessy / Nicholas Parle
Signum 034

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