Andrea Gabrieli: Missa Pater peccavi

Andrea Gabrieli: Missa Pater peccavi; motets and instrumental music
His Majestys Consort of Voices / His Majestys Sagbutts and Cornetts - Timothy Roberts
Hyperion 67167
Helios 55265


  1. Ricercar a 4 del primo tuono (2 cornetts, 2 sackbuts)
  2. De profundis clamavi (2 voices, cornett, 3 sackbuts)
  3. Canzon alla Francese: Petit Jacquet (organ)
  4. Missa Pater peccavi: Kyrie (6 voices, 2 cornetts, 4 sackbuts, organ)
  5. Intonazione del sesto tuono (organ)
  6. Missa Pater peccavi: Gloria (6 voices, 2 cornetts, 4 sackbuts, organ)
  7. Ricercar a 4 del sesto tuono (cornett, viola, sackbut, bass dulcian)
  8. Missa Pater peccavi: Credo (6 voices, 2 cornetts, 4 sackbuts, organ)
  9. Ancor che co'l partire (organ)
  10. Missa Pater peccavi: Sanctus (6 voices, 2 cornetts, 4 sackbuts, organ)
  11. Missa Pater peccavi: Benedictus (6 voices, 2 cornetts, 4 sackbuts, organ)
  12. Ricercar a 4 del duodecimo tuono (2 cornetts, 2 sackbuts)
  13. Missa Pater peccavi: Agnus Dei I, II & III (6 voices, 2 cornetts, 4 sackbuts, organ)
  14. Ricercar del settimo tuono (organ)
  15. O sacrum convivium (soprano, 4 sackbuts)
  16. Ricercar per sonar a 8 (tutti)

Performers: His Majestys Consort of Voices: Anna Sarah Pickard, Julia Gooding (sopranos); Joseph Cornwell (tenor); Alastair Hamilton (baritone); Adrian Peacock, Robert MacDonald (basses); His Majestys Sagbutts and Cornetts: Jeremy West, David Staff (cornetts); Susan Addison, Abigail Newman, Adam Woolf, Stephen Saunders (sackbuts); Oliver Webber (Renaissance viola); Keith McGowan (dulcian); Timothy Roberts (director, chamber organ)

Playing time: 66'22

Recording date: September 1999

The six-part mass by Andrea Gabrieli recorded here is based on his own motet Pater peccavi in caelum (not recorded here). A few instrumental works are included as well, including ornamented intabulations of famous vocal works such as Rore's Ancor che co'l partire. This recording is the first outing for His Majestys Consort of Voices.

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Ted Dumitrescu