Josquin and his contemporaries

Josquin and his contemporaries
Binchois Consort - Andrew Kirkman
Hyperion 67183


  1. Josquin?: Inter natos mulierum
  2. Josquin: Planxit autem David
  3. Craen: Tota pulchra es
  4. Willaert: Verbum bonum et suave
  5. Josquin / Forestier: Veni sancte spiritus
  6. Josquin / Champion: De profundis
  7. Josquin / Bauldeweyn: Ave caro Christi cara
  8. Josquin?: Recordare, virgo mater
  9. Josquin: Pater noster / Ave Maria

Performers: Cecilia Osmond (soprano), Emma Preston-Dunlop (soprano), Mark Chambers (alto), Fergus McLusky (alto), Edwin Simpson (tenor), Matthew Vine (tenor), Christopher Watson (tenor), Damian O'Keeffe (baritone), Rob MacDonald (bass), Giles Underwood (bass)

Playing time: 71'

Recording date: January, 2000 (Gloucestershire)

This program features pieces once thought to be by Josquin, and now attributed elsewhere or disputed. Alongside these are placed relatively certain Josquin attributions, as well as certain attributions to other composers of the era. The goal is to place Josquin's individuality in perspective.

Besides composers such as Willaert and the relatively obscure Forestier who possess dedicated recordings, otherwise unknown composers included here are Nicolaes Craen (fl.c.1500), Nicolas Champion (fl.1526), and Noel Bauldeweyn (c.1480-1530).

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Todd M. McComb