Byrd: Consort Songs

Byrd: Consort Songs
Robin Blaze / Concordia
Hyperion 67397 [CD]
Hyperion Helios 55429 [CD]


  1. Rejoice unto the Lord
  2. Ah silly Soul
  3. An aged dame
  4. O dear life, when may it be
  5. Come to me, grief, for ever
  6. Who likes to love
  7. O that most rare breast
  8. All as a sea
  9. Ye sacred Muses
  10. Constant Penelope
  11. O God that guides the cheerful sun
  12. Lullaby, my sweet little baby
  13. How vain the toils

Performers: Robin Blaze (countertenor); Mark Levy, Emilia Benjamin, Reiko Ichise, Alison McGillivrary, Joanna Levine (viols); Elizabeth Kenny (lute)

Playing time: 67'

Recording dates: April & May 2003 (London); released: 2004

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Todd M. McComb