Brumel: Missa de beata virgine / Motets

Brumel: Missa de beata virgine / Motets
The Brabant Ensemble - Stephen Rice
Hyperion 68065


  1. Nato canunt omnia (5vv)
  2. Beata es, Maria (4vv)
  3. Lauda Sion salvatorem (4vv)
  4. Ave caelorum domina (4vv)

  5. Missa de beata virgine (4vv)
  6. Kyrie
  7. Gloria
  8. Credo
  9. Sanctus and Benedictus
  10. Agnus Dei

Performers: Helen Ashby, Kate Ashby, Eloise Irving (sopranos); Emma Ashby, Sara Coatsworth, Fiona Rogers (altos); Alastair Carey, William Knight, Andrew McAnerney (tenor); James Arthur, Paul Charrier, David Stuart (basses)

Playing time: 64'

Recording date: August 2013 (Oxford); released: 2014

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Todd M. McComb