The Florentine Renaissance

The Florentine Renaissance
The Orlando Consort
Hyperion 68349 [CD]


    1430s - 1450s: Dufay and Binchois

  1. Dufay: Nuper rosarum flores / Terribilis est locus iste (4vv)
  2. ? Dufay (chant): Nuper almos rosae flores (1vv)
  3. Dufay: Salve flos Tuscae gentis / Vos nunc Etruscae iubeo / Viri mendaces (4vv)
  4. Dufay: Vanne mio core "Va t'en mon cueur" (3vv)
  5. Binchois: Vanne mio core "Pour prison" (3vv)
  6. Dufay: Mirandas parit haec urbs Florentina (3vv)
  7. 1460s - 1490s: Lorenzo de' Medici, Isaac and Savonarola

  8. Anon: Hora mai che fora son' (3vv)
  9. Anon: Quando riguardo el nostro viver rio (3vv)
  10. ? Isaac: Canto de' profumi (3vv)
  11. ? Isaac: Canto dello zibetto (3vv)
  12. ? Isaac: O maligno e duro core (3vv)
  13. Anon: Ben venga maggio (3vv)
  14. Isaac: Prophetarum maxime (4vv)
  15. Isaac: Trionfo delle dée "Né più bella di queste" (4vv)
  16. Isaac: Corri, Fortuna (4vv)
  17. Isaac: Lasso quel ch'altri fugge (3vv)
  18. Isaac: Quis dabit capiti meo aquam? (4vv)
  19. Anon: Ora mai sono in età (1vv)
  20. Anon: Che fai qui core? (3vv)
  21. Anon: Viva, viva in nostro core (3vv)
  22. Isaac: Quis dabit pacem populo timenti? (4vv)

Performers: Matthew Venner (countertenor), Mark Dobell (tenor), Angus Smith (tenor), Donald Greig (baritone)

Playing time: 72'

Recording date: November 2020 (Essex); released: 2022

Tracks Nos. 4 & 5 are original tunes by Dufay & Binchois used for a laud text (as indicated during the era). These are thus related to the second part of the program, which also features laude (among carnival songs & other genres).

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Todd M. McComb