Machaut: The fount of grace

Machaut: The fount of grace
The Orlando Consort
Hyperion 68417 [CD]


  1. Donnez, signeurs (ballade a3, n26)
  2. Tu qui gregem / Plange regni / Apprehende arma (motet a4, n22)
  3. Tant doucement me sens emprisonnez (rondeau a2, n9)
  4. Felix virgo / Inviolata genitrix / Ad te suspiramus (motet a4, n23)
  5. Hé, dame de valour (monophonic virelai, n11)
  6. Tres douce dame (ballade a2, n24)
  7. Je ne cesse de prier "Le lay de la fonteinne" (lay a3, n16)
  8. Christe qui lux / Veni creator spiritus / Tribulatio proxima est (motet a4, n21)
  9. En mon cuer a un descort (virelai a2, n24)
  10. Tant doucement me sens emprisonnez (rondeau a4, n9)

Performers: Matthew Venner (countertenor), Mark Dobell (tenor), Angus Smith (tenor), Donald Greig (baritone)

Playing time: 63'

Recording date: July 2022 (Essex); released: 2023

Note that Rondeau #9 is usually taken to be a four-voice piece, per the later sources, so the earlier two-voice version is the addition here.

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Todd M. McComb