Notre-Dame de Grâce

Notre-Dame de Grâce
In Mulieribus - Anna Song
In Mulieribus (no number) [CD]


  1. Salvatoris hodie
  2. O Maria, virginei
  3. Verbum bonum et suave
  4. Gaude virgo virginum
  5. Ave gloriosa
  6. Ysaias cecinit
  7. Beata viscera
  8. Ave Maria
  9. Veri floris sub figura
  10. Relegentur ab area

Playing time: 50' 14"

In Mulieribus - Anna Song
Kari Ferguson, Tuesday Kinsbury, Heather Roszczyk, Catherine van der Salm, Shaelyn Scheider, Anna Song, Ann Wetherell
Soloists: [1, 3] Heather Roszczyk, Catherine van der Salm; [7] Shaelyn Scheider; [10] Tuesday Kinsbury, Ann Wetherell

Recording site and date:
Unknown [2007 or prior];
Rel. 2007

The Conductus Collections of MS Wolfenbuttel 1099, ed. by Ethel Thurston, published by A-R Editions, Inc., Madison, WI (1980)

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