Spinning Wheel

Spinning Wheel
The Roundtable & David Munrow
Jay Boy JSL 2 [LP]


    Laura Nyro:
  1. Eli's Coming

  2. John Lennon and Paul McCartney (L & Macca)
  3. Fantasia on a theme by Lennon and McCartney

  4. Ken Moule:
  5. Saturday Gigue

  6. A. Johnson / Ken Barnes
  7. Girl I Used To Know

  8. Anon.:
  9. Scarborough Fair

  10. Bacharach / David
  11. This Guy's In Love With You

  12. A. Wilder
  13. Where Do You Go ?

  14. David Clayton Thomas
  15. Spinning Wheel

Playing time: ??' ??"

The Roundtable
performers from Early Music Consort: David Munrow (sackbut, crumhorn) and Christopher Hogwood (harpsichord);
also jazz session musicians including Don Lusher, Kenny Clare and Kenny Baker.

Recording site and date:
Sutton Studios [1969].
Rel.: 1969 (JSL), 2004 (LSD)

[3], [5] Jay Boy JSL 18 [LP] Saturday Gigue/Scarborough Fair
[1], [3] Licorice Soul Records LSD 004 [45rpm, 17cm] The Roundtable

Information from Gianpaolo Banelli for title, content and performers; also from David Hockin and blaxploitation.com website for excerpts on 45rpm vinyl (LSD) and more details about oerformers.
The "Spinning Wheel" album (credited to "The Roundtable") was maybe the only Munrow's move towards pop, it actually sees Munrow and Hogwood playing covers of Beatles, Laura Nyro, Bacharach and David Clayton Thomas!

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Pierre-F. Roberge