Songs and Dances of the Middle Ages

Songs and Dances of the Middle Ages
Jubilatores - Barry Ebersole
Jubilatores jub-004 [CD]


  1. Mult amar devemos (Cantigas de Santa Maria #36)
  2. Mult amar (drums)
  3. Bache bene vines (Carmina Burana)
  4. Ce fu en mai (Monio d'Arras, attrib.)
  5. Como poden per sas culpas (Cantigas de Santa Maria #166)
  6. Lamento di Tristano and La Rotta (Anon. c. 1300)
  7. Madre de Deus ora por nos (Cantigas de Santa Maria #12)
  8. Non sofre Santa Maria (Cantigas de Santa Maria #159)
  9. Saltarello (Anon. 13th Cent. Italian)
  10. Pois que dos reys nostro Senor (Cantigas de Santa Maria #2)
  11. Schiarzula (dance)
  12. M'saddad (13th Cent. Moorish Spain)

Playing time: 60' 47"

Jubilatores - Barry Ebersole
Barry Ebersole (lute, psaltery, fyddle, guitarra latina, guitarra morisca), Charissa Ebersole (recorder, flute, shawm, dulzina, voice), Shoshannah Ebersole (fyddle, bowed psaltery, gemshorn, zills, voice), Robert Brett (percussion, string drum), Teresa Brett (keyboards, percussion), David Nelson (lute, psaltery, harp, percussion, voice, bowed psaltery), Tyson Burghardt (rebec, zills)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1999 or prior];
Rel. 1999

[1-7, 9, 12] Jubilatores jub-006 [CD], Cantigas & Medieval Delights
[3, 5-8, 11-12] Jubilatores jub-005 [CD], Great Moments in the Middle Ages

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