The Age of Chivalry

The Age of Chivalry: Court Music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance
The Early Music Consort
JRC 970 [LP]


Side One: Middle Ages

    13th Century
  1. Stantipes

  2. Neidhart von Reuenthal
  3. Winder wie ist

  4. Anon.
  5. Hoquet

  6. Alfonso le Sabio: Cantigas de Santa Maria
  7. Cantiga 10:Rosa das rosas
  8. Cantiga 292: Muito demostrata a virgen

  9. 14th Century
    Wizlaw von Rüngen
  10. Ich parrere dich

  11. Anon.
  12. Saltarello
  13. Sumer is icumen in

  14. Guillaume de Machaut:
  15. Dame, ne regardez pas (instr.)

  16. Francesco Landini
  17. Ecco la primavera
Side Two: Renaissance
    15th Century
    Guillaume Dufay
  1. Se la face ay pale

  2. Anon.
  3. L'homme armé

  4. Robert Morton
  5. L'homme armé

  6. 16th Century
  7. L'amor, dona, ch'io te porto

  8. Thomas Stoltzer
  9. Entlaubet ist der Walde

  10. Passereau
  11. Il est bel et bon

  12. Orlando di Lasso
  13. Ich weiss/quand mon mary

  14. Thomas Stoltzer
  15. Es wollt ein Frau

  16. John Bull
  17. In nomine

  18. Ludwig Senfl
  19. Ich weiss nit

Playing time: ??' ??"

The Early Music Consort
Ben Bechtel (viol, organetto, krummhorn, recorder, rebec, psaltery, percussion)
James Carrier (harp, psaltery, krummhorn, recorder, shawm, rankett, hackbrett, dulzian)
Lewis Peterman (rauschpfeiffe, lute, recorder, krummhorn, viol, chalumeau)
Paula Peterman (tambourine, drum, viol, recorder, krummhorn)
William Reynolds (tenor, percussion, hurdy-gurdy, guitar, recorder, xylophone)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1979 or prior];
Rel.: 1979

Information from owned LP, MELVYL & Jorge Salazar.

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Pierre-F. Roberge