Dowland Songs

Fortune My Foe
Songs of John Dowland
Echos Muse
Koch International 3-7170


  1. Come away, come sweet love
  2. Flow my teares
  3. Fortune my Foe
  4. Flow not so fast yee fountaines
  5. Sorrow stay
  6. Thinkst thou then by thy fayning
  7. Away with these selfe loving lads
  8. Lady if you so spight me
  9. I saw my lady weepe
  10. Weepe you no more sad fountaines
  11. A shepheard in a shade
  12. Sweet stay awhile
  13. Say love if ever thou didst find
  14. The lowest trees have tops
  15. Now cease my wandring eies
  16. Come heavy sleepe
  17. From silent night
  18. In darkness let mee dwell
  19. Now O now I needs must part

Performers: Janet Humberger (soprano), Paul Elliot (tenor), Wendy Gillespie (viol), Margriet Tindemans (viol), David Taylor (lute)

Playing time: 68'

Release date: 1992

A nice broad collection....

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Todd M. McComb