Tydings Trew

Tydings Trew
Medieval English Carols and Motets
KOCH International Classics 3-7562-2 [CD]


  1. Hymn: A solis ortus cardine

  2. March 25: The Annunciation
  3. Carol: Nowell, nowell
  4. Motet: Venter tuus

  5. December 25: The Nativity
  6. Antiphon: Facta est cum angelo
  7. Canticle: Benedicite omnia opera domini domino
  8. Carol: As I outrode this endres night
  9. Carol: Ecce, quod natura
  10. Motet: Nesciens mater
  11. Carol: A, my dere, a, my dere Son
  12. Carol: Nowel, nowel

  13. December 26: St. Stephen
  14. Hymn: Sacte dei preciose
  15. Carol: Eya, martir Stephane

  16. December 27: St John the Evangelist
  17. Responsory: Hic est discipulus

  18. December 28: The Holy Innocents
  19. Carol: Worcepe we this holy day
  20. Carol: Lully lulla

  21. December 29: St. Thomas of Canterbury
  22. Carol: Seynt Thomas honour we

  23. January 6: The Epiphany
  24. Antiphon: Magi videntes stellam
  25. Carol: Ave Rex angelorum
  26. Motet: Gaude virgo mater Christi
  27. Antiphon: Alleluya, omnes de saba
  28. Canticle: Nunc dimitis

Playing time: 66' 18"

Jeffrey Johnson (baritone), Kurt-Owen Richards (bass), Richard Porterfield (baritone), Lawrence Lipnik (countertenor), John Olund (tenor), Michael Ryan-Wenger (tenor)

Recording site and date:
Church of the Ascension, New York, NY [03/2003];
Rel. 2003

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