Kiili vanamuusikaansambel

Kiili vanamuusikaansambel
Kiili vanamuusikaansambel [Kiili Early Music Ensemble] - Heili Meibaum
Private release (no number) [CD]


    Vagad Lood
  1. Collaudemus (Bohemia, 13th cent.)
  2. Santa Maria (Cantigas de Santa Maria, 13th cent.)
  3. Verbum caro factum est (14th cent.)
  4. Surrexit Christus (Bohemia, 13th cent.)
  5. Maria pia (Bohemia, 13th cent.)

  6. Armatuste Lood
  7. Ecco la primavera (Landini)
  8. Fatal la parte (Encina)
  9. Voulez vous que je vous chant (France, 13th cent.)
  10. Douce dame jolie (Machaut)
  11. Hélas Madame (Henry VIII)
  12. Catena d'amore (C. Negri)
  13. L'innamorato (Gastoldi)
  14. Belle qui tiens ma vie (Arbeau)

  15. Muidu Toredad Lood
  16. Ductia (13th cent.)
  17. Prince Rupert's march (English masque dance - J. van Eyck)
  18. Gathering peascods (Playford)
  19. Meie, den lichter schin (Neidhart von Reuental)
  20. The silver swan (Gibbons)

  21. (Widmann)
  22. Johanna
  23. Christina
  24. Sibylla
  25. Maria
  26. Rosina
  27. Il bell' humor (Gastoldi)
  28. Canario (Italy, 16th cent.)
  29. Mascerada (Simpson)
  30. Saltarello (Italy, 14th cent.)

  31. Jumalavallatud Lood
  32. Tourdion (Attaignant)
  33. Pastime with good company (Henry VIII)

  34. Jöululood
  35. Beata nobis gaudia (Florence Ms.)
  36. Tidlidom Hajej, muj andlilku (Czech)
  37. Quem pastores laudavere (M. Praetorius)
  38. Coventry carol, Lully, Lulla (England, 15th cent.)

Playing time: 65' 46"

Kiili vanamuusikaansambel - Heili Meibaum, dir.
Kristina Talijärv (recorders, flute, percussion), Annika Aas guitar, voice, percussion), Eeva Vahtramäe (recorders, flute, voice, percussion), Ingrid Kaur (recorders, percussion), Marten Meibaum (cello, percussion), Tiina Mäe (violin, percussion), Biergit Kukk (recorders, percussion), Heili Meilbaum (flutes, recorders, percussion), Kati Meibaum (violin, voice, percussion)
Guest artist: Maria Staak (voice, hurdy-gurdy)

Recording site and date:
Sausti Manor, Sausti, Estonia [08/2007];
Rel. 2007

Information from owned CD.
The "Kiili vanamuusikaansambel" is an early music ensemble from Kiili, Estonia, consisting of young musicians of ages 8 to 18.

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