Suonate a due da Dieterico BUXTEHUDE (1637-1707), Vol. 1

Suonate a due violino e viola da gamba con cembalo
The Complete Sonatas for Violin, Viola da gamba & Harpsichord - Vol. 1
Ensemble Elseneur
L'empreinte digitale ED 13028


  1. Sonata en sol mineur III opus 2, Lübeck, 1696
    Vivace - Lento - Allegro - Lento - Andante - Grave - Gigue
  2. Sonata en si bémol majeur I opus 2, Lübeck, 1696
    Allegro - Adagio - Allegro - Grave - Vivace - Lento - Poco adagio - Presto
  3. Sonata en la mineur III opus I, Lübeck, 1694
    Adagio - Allegro - Lento - Vivace - Largo - Presto - Lento
  4. Sonata en la majeur V opus 2, Lübeck, 1696
    Allegro - Solo/concitato - Adagio - Allegro - Adagio - (Presto) forte
  5. Sonata en mi majeur VI opus 2, Lübeck, 1696
    Grave - Vivace - Adagio - Poco presto - Lento - Allegro
  6. Sonata en mi mineur VII opus 1, Lübeck, 1694
    Allegro - Largo - Presto - Vivace - Adagio - Poco presto - Lento - Prestissimo
  7. Sonata a due, manuscrite (Ups. Instr. Ms. Hs. 13:26)
    Ciacona - Adagio - Ciacona

Performers: Odile Eduard (violon), Sylvie Moquet (viole de gambe), Jean-Marc Aymes (clavecin).

Playing time: 63'50

Recording date: Juillet 1993, Chapelle Sainte Philomène (Var).

Dietrich Buxtehude is perhaps much better known for his skills as an organist and as a gifted organ music composer as well as his influence on J.S. Bach. However, he also wrote some chamber music. Two collections of sonatas were published during his lifetime (Op. 1 in 1694, Op. 2 in 1696) as he held the post of organist at the Marienkirche in Lübeck. Buxtehude dislayed his grasp of the Italian style of composition in this music that is reminiscent of music by Corelli and Legrenzi (interestingly, as echoed by the CD's title, the expression of this Italian style extended to the italianization of the entire title page of his original printed music including his name and even the name of his German printer). The selection of 7 sonatas in this recording appear to have been intended as the first volume to a complete set of recordings. It is my understanding that one of the artists had interrupted her career to have a baby - I hope that she and her ensemble will now have time to pick up from where they left off .

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