L'eau & le Baptême

L'eau & le Baptême
Venance Fortunat
l'empreinte digitale 13060

Reissued in compilation L'Empreinte Digitale 13095 (3 CDs)


  1. Vedastus igitur
  2. Ex oliva remensium
  3. Mizmor le David
  4. Submersus jacet Pharao
  5. Inundaverunt aque
  6. To alithinon fos Epefani
  7. Alleluia ! Inter natos
  8. Qui de rupe arida
  9. Adjuvabit
  10. Flos de spina procreatur
  11. Kyrie

Venance Fortunat

Dominique Thibaudat, Françoise Lévy, Adrian Brand, Gabriel Lacascade, Philippe Desandré Antoine Sicot

Anne-Marie Deschamps, dir.

Playing time: 48'

Recording date: Septembre 1996

[7], [11] L'Empreinte Digitale ED 13150 Alleluia - Anthologie de la musique sacrée occidentale

This recording is a mixed programme of chant and early polyphony (mostly 12th-13th C) devoted to texts about water and baptism. Topics include (in the order of the recording): streams & running waters (1,2), the first waters (3), the crossing of the Red Sea (4), waters of desolation (5), purifying waters (6), the Baptist (7), the water turned to wine at the wedding of Cana (8), waters of grace (9), and the waters of the river Jordan witness the baptism of Christ (10). The Kyrie (11), the only 14th C composition, was apparently chosen on strictly musical grounds.

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