Mediaeval and Early Renaissance Music

Mediaeval and Early Renaissance Music
Musica Antiqua - Michael Uridge, dir.
Legend LGD 024 [LP, stereo]


    Side 1

    Songs of Celebration

    Anon., English, 13th c.:
  1. Nova Nova

  2. Anon., French, 13th c.:
  3. Motet: Alle psallite - Alleluyan

  4. Anon., England, 14th c.:
  5. Carol: Angelus ad virginem
  6. Carol: The Boys' Carol
  7. Music for Pipe and String

    Anon., French, c.1300:
  8. Dance Tune

  9. Anon., English, 13th c.:
  10. Gymel - Stantipes
  11. Salve virgo virginum
  12. Solos for Cabinet Organ

  13. Preambulum in fa

  14. Neusiedler:
  15. Der Zeuner Tantz
  16. Judentantz

  17. Kleber:
  18. Preambulum in re

  19. Ammerbach:
  20. Passametzo d'Angleterre
  21. German Song

    From Walther's Kreuzlied
  22. Minnelied "O God of Love"

  23. Glogauer Liederbuch
  24. Ach Reine Zart
  25. Das Jaegerhorn

  26. From Walther's Kreuzlied
  27. Minnelied "The Virtues of King Rudolph"
  28. Music for Outdoor Festivities

    Anon., England, 14th c.:
  29. Trotto

  30. Anon., French, 14th c.:
  31. The Seventh Estampie Royale

  32. Anon., French, from Attaignant Collection:
  33. Estampie
  34. Side 2

    Two Italian Lauda

    Anon., 13th c.:
  35. Alla Trinita
  36. Venite a laudare

  37. Instrumental Music of the Trouvères
  38. Rondeau - Dieux D'Amours
  39. Virelai - E dame jolie
  40. Im Mai

  41. Two French 13th Century Motets
  42. Factum Est - Dominus
  43. Letitur iustus
  44. Three French Songs

    Anon., 13th c.:
  45. Endurez Alleluia

  46. D'Acourt, 15th c.:
  47. Je demande

  48. Guillaume Dufay:
  49. Mon bien m'amour
  50. 16th Century Rustic Dances

  51. Bransle and Fagott

  52. Gervaise:
  53. Branle
  54. Two Branles
  55. Two Allemandes

Playing time: Side 1: 21' 21" - Side 2: 19' 10"

The Musica Antiqua
Michael Uridge (gemshorns, recorders, krummhorn, Renaissance rackett, curtal, rauschpfeife, shams, psalteery)
Patrick Taylor (recorders, krummhorn, cornetto, sackbut, Baroque rackett, bells, percussion)
Margaret Taylor (recorders, krummhorns, kortholt, rote, percussion)
Pamela Vaughan (viols, fidel, psaltery, percussion)
Shirley Vaughan (viola da gamba)
Irene Forrester (viol, recorder)
Neil Turner (organ, xylophone, percussion)
Paul Dunderdale (percussion)
Singers: Kathleen Moody, Anne Metherell, Mary Kelly, Penelope Shone, Anita Hooper, Dorothy Uridge, Deborah Moody, Jane Weaver, Patrick Moody, Neil Turner, Peter Vaughan
- Michael Uridge, dir.

Recording site and date:
South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell, Berkshire [1977 or prior]

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