The Medieval Lady

The Medieval Lady
Medieval Chant, Songs, & Dances - 16th & 17th Century Songs & Lute Duets
Elizabethan Conversation & Andrea Folan
Leonarda LE 340


    Medieval Chant, Songs, Dances

    Countess of Dia, Paris, Bibl. Nat. MS Fr. 844, fol. 204r
  1. A Chantar

  2. Maroie de Dregnau de Lille, Manuscrit du Roi
  3. Mout m'abelist quant je voi revenir

  4. Queen Blanche, Paris, Bibl. Nat. MS f. fr. 21677
  5. Amours, u trop tart me sui pris

  6. Anon., c. 1400
  7. Trotto

  8. Anon., 13th c.
  9. Estampie

  10. Hildegard von Bingen, Dendermonde Codex
  11. In Evangelium
  12. O viridissima virga
  13. O Ierusalem, aurea civitas

  14. Anon., ca 1400
  15. Saltarello
  16. Saltarello
  17. La Manfredina
  18. 16th & 17th Century Songs & Lute Duets

    Anne Boleyn (attr.)
  19. O Deathe, rock me asleepe

  20. Lady Killigrew, Oxford, Tenbury MS 1018 & Bodleian Lib. Add. 10337 fol. 55v
  21. Sweetest love I do not goe

  22. Giles Farnaby, Fitwilliam Virginal Book
  23. Tower Hill

  24. Anon., 17th c., The Jane Pickering Lute Book & Folger MS 1610
  25. Green Sleeves

  26. Mary Harvey (The Lady Dering), Henry Lawes' Second Book of Select Ayres and Dialogues (John Playford, 1655)
  27. When first I saw Fair Dorris' eyes
  28. And is this all? What one poor kisse?
  29. In vain fair Chloris, you design

  30. Anon., 17th c., The Jane Pickering Lute Book & Folger MS 1610
  31. La Rosignoll (The Nightingale)

  32. Richard Farnaby, Fitwilliam Virginal Book
  33. Nobody's Gigge

Playing time: 64' 07"

Elizabethan Conversation [Susan Sandman, Derwood Crocker playing medieval fiddle, lute, psaltery, recorder, nakers, symphonia, organetto, tambourine aux cordes, bass viola da ganba] & Andrea Folan (soprano)

Recording site and date:
Alice Barler Recital Hall, Wells College, Aurora, New York [09/1994]
Rel. 1997

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Information from owned CD. Andrea Folan's voice suits very well for such a repertoire.

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Pierre-F. Roberge