Blend medieval church music with contemporary jazz and eastern rythms to create a new soundscape of original music
Orlando Consort & Perfect Houseplants
Linn CKD 076


    Improvisation from various sources
  1. Entering and leaving
  2. Modus II
  3. South Wind
  4. St. Martial
  5. Quasi
  6. Preceding
  7. The Bride
  8. Viderunt omnes (theme & variations)
  9. Modus IV
  10. Sanctus fontorum
  11. Hearing is believing, thank you
  12. Offertorium
  13. L'Ange à la vierge
  14. Modus III
  15. Harmonium
  16. Modus VI
  17. Single tear
  18. Hymnus

Playing time: 60' 51"

Orlando Consort [Robert Harre-Jones (counter-tenor), Charles Daniels (tenor), Angus Smith (tenor), Donald Greig (baritone)] & Perfect Houseplants [Mark Lockheart (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone), Huw Warren (piano, accordion, percussion), Dudley Phillips (acoustic bass, electric bass), Martin France (drums, electric percussion)]

Recording site and date:
Angel Studios, London, UK [06/1997]

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