Tye: Complete Consort Music

Tye: Complete Consort Music
Linn 571


  1. In nomine a4
  2. In nomine "Trust"
  3. In nomine "Rachel's weeping"
  4. Dum transisset Sabbatum I
  5. Laudes Deo
  6. In nomine "Free from all"
  7. In nomine "Round"
  8. In nomine "Weep no more, Rachel"
  9. In nomine "Say so"
  10. In nomine "Follow me"
  11. Christus resurgens
  12. In nomine "Cry"
  13. Rubum quem
  14. In nomine "Hold fast"
  15. In nomine "Seldom seen"
  16. In nomine "Re la re"
  17. Dum transisset Sabbatum III
  18. Sit fast - prima et secunda pars
  19. In nomine "Surrexit non est hic"
  20. In nomine "Believe me"
  21. In nomine "Report"
  22. In nomine a5
  23. In nomine "I come"
  24. Dum transisset Sabbatum II
  25. O lux beata Trinitas
  26. In nomine "My death bed"
  27. In nomine "Blameless"
  28. In nomine "Farewell my good one forever"
  29. Dum transisset Sabbatum IV
  30. Amavit eum Dominus
  31. In nomine a6

Performers: Laurence Dreyfus (treble viol, direction), Emilia Benjamin (treble & tenor viols), Jonathan Manson (tenor viol), Mikko Perkola (bass viol), Markku Luolajan-Mikkola (bass viol); Emily Ashton (tenor viol)

Playing time: 67'

Recording date: September 2016 (Sussex); released: 2017

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Todd M. McComb