Lobo: Lamentationes / Vivanco: Missa Assumpsit Iesus

Alonso Lobo / Sebastían de Vivanco: Lamentationes Ieremiae Prophetae / Missa Assumpsit Iesus
Musica Reservata de Barcelona - Bruno Turner
La má de guido 2045


    Alonso Lobo
  1. Lamentationes Ieremiae Prophetae
  2. Regina caeli laetare
  3. Quam pulchri sunt gressus tui
  4. Ego flos campi

  5. Sebastían de Vivanco
  6. Quis dabit capiti meo aquam
  7. Assumpsit Iesus Petrum

  8. Missa Assumpsit Iesus
  9. Kyrie
  10. Gloria
  11. Credo
  12. Sanctus-Benedictus
  13. Agnus Dei
  14. Cantate Domino canticum novum

Performers: Musica Reservata de Barcelona [Roser Garrell, Isabel Juaneda (sopranos); Jordi Abelló, Mercé Trujillo (altos); Albert Riera, Antoni Trigueros (tenors); Jordi Blanco, Tomás Maxé (baixos)].

Playing time: 66:26

Recording date: April 2001

In addition to the works by Alonso Lobo (1555-1617), this recording features a mass and motets by Sebastían de Vivanco (c.1550-1622). Both men were younger contemporaries of Victoria, but, unlike him, spent their entire musical lives in Spain. De Vivanco was born in Ávila and worked in a number of positions until 1602, when he became chapelmaster at Salamanca's Cathedral, a post he held until his death. Lobo was born in Osuna and served as a choirboy in Seville under Guererro, later becoming his assistant. Lobo moved to Toledo in 1593. Though the Lamentations exist only in a copy dating from 1722, they are almost certainly genuine, proof of the extraordinary longevity Lobo's music enjoyed.

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Christopher Schifani