Purcell Songs & Ayres

Purcell: Songs and Airs
Kirkby / Rooley / Hogwood / Mackintosh / Campbell
L'Oiseau Lyre 417 123


  1. Hark! Hark! How all things
  2. Crown the altar, deck the shrine
  3. If music be the food of love
  4. Not all my torments
  5. O, O let me weep
  6. I attempt from love's sickness to fly
  7. Olinda in the shades unseen
  8. Urge me no more
  9. Bess of Bedlam
  10. Lovely, lovely Albina
  11. Sweeter than roses
  12. Dear pretty youth
  13. When first Amintas
  14. The cares of lovers
  15. Ye gentle spirits
  16. An evening hymn

Performers: Emma Kirkby (soprano), Christopher Hogwood (organ, spinet), Anthony Rooley (lute), Richard Campbell (bass viol), Catherine Mackintosh (violin)

Playing time: 46'

Recording date: October 1982 (Forde Abbey, Dorset)

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In addition to the above, the King's Consort is embarking on a series of the complete secular songs of Purcell on the Hyperion label, beginning with:

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For some similar recordings of the later English Baroque, see the discography of the Consort of Musicke. Some additional information from Jon Stringer.

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