John Ward: The First Set of English Madrigals

John Ward: The First Set of English Madrigals, 1613 / Four Fantasias for Viols
The Consort of Music - Anthony Rooley, dir.
L'Oiseau-Lyre "Florilegium" D238D2 (2 LPs)


    John Ward (1571-1638)
  1. My true love hath my heart (the first part)
  2. His heart his wound received (the second part)
  3. O say, dear life
  4. Go, wailing accents
  5. Flly not so fast
  6. Fantasia No. 14
  7. A satyr once did run away
  8. O my thoughts, surcease
  9. Sweet pity, wake
  10. Love is a dainty

  11. ---------
  12. Free from Love's bonds
  13. How long shall I?
  14. Fantasia No. 4
  15. Sweet Philoel (the first part)
  16. Ye sylvan nymphs (the second part)
  17. Flora, fair nymph
  18. Phyllis, the bright
  19. Hope of my heart
  20. Upon a band with roses
  1. Fantasia No. 3
  2. Retire, my troubled soul
  3. Oft have I tendered
  4. Out from the vale
  5. O divine love
  6. Fantasia No. 8

  7. ---------
  8. If the deep sighs (the first part)
  9. There's not a grove
  10. Die not, fond man
  11. I have entreated
  12. Come, sable night
  13. Weep forth your tears (In memory of Prince Henry)

Playing time: 88'55"

Performer: The Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley, dir.
[Emma Kirkby (soprano), Poppy Holden (soprano), Jacqueline Fox (mezzo-soprano), Evelyn Tubb (mezzo-soprano), Mary Nichols (contralto), Cathy Cass (contralto), Joseph Cornwell (tenor), Hugh Hetherington (tenor), Andrew King (tenor), John Milne (bass), Francis Steele (bass), Richard Wistreich (bass), Trevor Jones (treble viol), Alison Crum (treble viol), Piet Stryckers (tenor viol), Oliver Hirsh (bass), Gregory Anthony (bass viol)]

Recording site and date: Unknown [1981 or prior]

Comments: Information from owned LPs.

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