Dowland - Book II

Dowland: Second Booke of Songes (1600)
The Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley
L'Oiseau Lyre 425 889


  1. I saw my lady weep
  2. Flow my tears
  3. Sorrow, stay
  4. Die not before thy day
  5. Mourn, mourn, day is with darkness fled
  6. Time's eldest son
  7. Then sit thee down
  8. When others say Venite
  9. Praise blindness eyes
  10. O sweet woods
  11. If floods of tears
  12. Fine knacks for ladies
  13. Now cease my wand'ring eyes
  14. Come ye heavy states of night
  15. White as lilies was her face
  16. Woeful heart
  17. A shepherd in a shade
  18. Faction that ever dwells
  19. Shall I sue
  20. Toss not my soul
  21. Clear or cloudy
  22. Humour say what mak'st thou here

Playing time: 70'

Recording date: November 1976; reissued on CD; 1990

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Todd M. McComb