Byrd: My Lady Nevells Booke

Byrd: My Ladye Nevells Booke
Christopher Hogwood
L'Oiseau Lyre 430 484 (3 CDs)
Decca 476 1530 (3 CDs)



  1. My Ladye Nevells Grownde (Virginal)
  2. Qui Passe - for my ladye nevell (Virginal)
  3. The Marche Before the Battell (Virginal)
  4. The Battell (Virginal)
  5. The Galliarde for the Victorie (Virginal)
  6. The Barleye Breake (Virginal)
  7. A Galliards Gygge (Italian Harpsichord)
  8. The Huntes Upp (Italian Harpsichord)
  9. Ut Re Mi Fa Sol La (Organ)
  10. The Firste Pavian (Virginal)
  11. The Galliarde to the Firste Pavian (Virginal)
  12. The Seconde Pavian (Italian Harpsichord)
  13. The Galliarde to the Seconde Pavian (Italian Harpsichord)
  14. The Third Pavian (Flemish Harpsichord)
  15. The Galliarde to the Third Pavian (Flemish Harpsichord)
  16. The Fourth Pavian (Organ)
  17. The Galliarde to the Fourth Pavian
  18. CD-2

  19. The Fifte Pavian (Flemish Harpsichord)
  20. The Galliarde to the Fifte Pavian (Flemish Harpsichord)
  21. Pavana the Sixte - Kinbrugh Goodd (Flemish Harpsichord)
  22. The Galliarde to the Sixte Pavian (Flemish Harpsichord)
  23. The Seventh Pavian (Organ)
  24. The Eighte Pavian (Organ)
  25. The Passinge Mesures - The Nynthe Pavian (Virginal)
  26. The Galliarde to the Nynthe Pavian (Virginal)
  27. A Voluntarie - for my ladye nevell (Flemish Harpsichord)
  28. Will Yow Walke the Woods Soe Wylde (Virginal)
  29. The Maidens Songe (Italian Harpsichord)
  30. A Lesson of Voluntarie (Organ)
  31. The Second Grownde (Flemish Harpsichord)
  32. CD-3

  33. Have With Yow to Walsingame (Flemish Harpsichord)
  34. All in a Garden Grine (Flemish Harpsichord)
  35. Lord Willobies Welcome Home (Virginal)
  36. The Carmans Whistle (Flemish Harpsichord)
  37. Hugh Ashtons Grownde (Italian Harpsichord)
  38. A Fancie (Flemish Harpsichord)
  39. Sellingers Rownde (Virginal)
  40. Munsers Almaine (Italian Harpsichord)
  41. The Tennte Pavian - Mr. W. Peter (Flemish Harpsichord)
  42. The Galliarde to the Tennthe Pavian (Flemish Harpsichord)
  43. A Fancie (Virginal)
  44. A Voluntarie (Organ)

Playing time: 193' (CD-1: 68', CD-1: 63', CD-1: 61')

Instruments: Virginal (Adlam Burnett, 1973, after Andreas Ruckers, 1611), Flemish harpsichord (Adlam Burnett, 1973, after Andreas Ruckers, 1638), Italian harpsichord (Rainer Schütze, 1970), chamber organ (Peter Hindmarsh, 1972)

Recorded 1974-1975 at the Adlam-Burnett collection of historical keyboard instruments, Finchcocks, Goudhurst, Kent

Original release date: 1976

Reviewed in:
Gramophone: November 1993

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