Chansonnier Cordiforme

Le Chansonnier Cordiforme
Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley
L'Oiseau Lyre D 186 D4 [LPx4]
L'Oiseau Lyre (Japan) POCL-3170 [CDx3]
Tower Records (Japan) Universal Vintage Collection PROA-21 [CDx3]
Decca « Eloquence » 480 819 [CDx3]


    LP-1 & CD-1

  1. Anon: Hora gridar 'oimè (2 voices, fiddle, bass lute)
  2. Anon (ballata): Ben lo sa Dio (voice, fiddle, harp)
  3. Dufay (rondeau): Dona gentile (voice, harp, flute)
  4. Bedyngham: Zentil madonna (soprano, harp, lute)
  5. Anon: Chiara fontana (2 voices)
  6. Anon: O pelegrina luce (voice, 2 fiddles, harp)
  7. Bedyngham: O rosa bella (voice, 2 fiddles, harp)

  8. Anon: La gracia de voi (2 voices, flute)
  9. Anon: Perla mia cara (3 voices)
  10. Cornago: Morte mercè (3 voices)
  11. Anon: Finir voglio la mia vita (voice, flute, bass lute, harp)
  12. Anon: O pelegrina luce (2 voices, harp, bass lute)
  13. Anon: O meschin' inamorati (2 voices, bass lute)

    LP-2 & CD-2

  1. Anon (rondeau): Comme ung homme desconforté (voice, harp, bass lute, flute)
  2. Regis (rondeau): S'il vous plaist que vostre je soye (2 voices, bass lute)
  3. Anon (ballade): L'aultre jour par ung matin (2 voices, lute, fiddle)
  4. Anon (rondeau): J'ay pris amours (2 voices, bass lute)
  5. Ockeghem (rondeau): L'autre d'antan l'autrier passa (2 voices, bass lute)

  6. Hayne van Ghizeghem (rondeau): De tous bien plaine (voice, flute, lute, bass lute)
  7. Busnoys (bergerette): J'ay moins de bien (voice, flute, lute, bass lute)
  8. Dufay (rondeau): Vostre bruit et vostre grant (2 voices, flute)
  9. Caron (rondeau): Cent mille escus (2 voices, harp, bass lute)
  10. Morton (rondeau): Le souvenir de vous me tue (voice, harp, lute, bass lute)
  11. LP-3

  12. Barbingant (rondeau): L'omme bany de sa plaisance (2 voices, harp, fiddle)
  13. Morton (rondeau): N'aray je jamais mieulx (2 voices, harp, bass lute, fiddle)
  14. Dufay (rondeau): Le serviteur hault guerdonné (2 voices, flute)
  15. Vincenet (rondeau): Fortune, par ta cruaulté (2 voices, bass lute)
  16. Busnoys (rondeau): Est il mercy de quoy l'on peust finer? (voice, harp, flute)


  1. Binchois (rondeau): Comme femme desconfortee (voice, 2 fiddles)
  2. Frye (rondeau): Tout a par moy (voice, flute, lute, bass lute)
  3. Ockeghem (bergerette): Ma bouche rit (2 voices, harp, fiddle)
  4. Bedyngham (rondeau): Mon seul plaisir, ma doulce joye (voice, lute, fiddle)
  5. Anon: Ma bouche plaint (2 voices, fiddle)
  6. LP-4

  7. Anon (rondeau): Vray dieu d'amours (voice, 2 fiddles)
  8. Anon: Hélas! je n'ay pas osé dire (3 voices, harp, lute, bass lute)
  9. Anon (rondeau): Or ay je perdu (voice, lute, bass lute)
  10. Anon (rondeau): Adieu vous dy (2 voices, flute)
  11. Anon (bergerette): Terriblement suis fortunee (voice, 2 fiddles)

  12. Anon (rondeau): De mon povoir vous veul complaire (2 voices, bass lute)
  13. Anon (bergerette): Hélas! n'aray je jamais mieulx (2 voices, lute, bass lute, 2 fiddles)
  14. Anon (bergerette): Quant du dire adieu (2 voices, bass lute, 2 fiddles)
  15. Binchois (rondeau): Je ne veis onques la pareille (3 voices)
  16. Anon (rondeau): Faites moy sçavoir de la belle (voice, 2 fiddles)

Performers: Emma Kirkby (soprano), Margaret Philpot (alto), John York Skinner (countertenor), John Elwes (tenor), David Thomas (bass), Lewis Jones (flute), Frances Kelly (harp), Christopher Page (lute), Anthony Rooley (bass lute), Trevor Jones (fiddle), Alison Crum (fiddle)

Playing time:
LP: (21' 37" + 14' 16") + (21' 13" + 21' 12") + (23' 27" + 24' 25") + (19' 15" + 21' 27") = 166' 52"
CD: 164'

Recording date: February 1979; release on CD: 1995 (Japan), 2010 (Decca)

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 4/6- (July / August 1981); 34/4-504 (March / April 2011)
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 88/1067-85 (February 2011)

The Chansonnier Cordiforme of 1470 is one of the most famous songbooks of the era. It contains pieces by most of the major composers of the time, along with many fine anonymous works.

Precisions for LP from Pierre-F. Roberge's owned LP.

A much more recent, partial recording:

Straight from the Heart
The Chansonnier Cordiforme
Ensemble Leones - Marc Lewon
Naxos 8.573325

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