Renaissance Duets

Renaissance Duets
Anthony Rooley and James Tyler, lutes
L'Oiseau-Lyre SOL 325 [LP]


    Joan Ambrosia Dalza
  1. Tastar de corde, lute solo (Rooley)
  2. Recercar, lute solo (Tyler)
  3. Saltarello, Lute duet
  4. Piva, lute duet

  5. Alfonso Ferrabosco I
  6. The Spanish Pavan, lute duet

  7. Anon.
  8. Dreweries accordes, Orpharion and bass cittern

  9. Anthony Holborne
  10. As it fell upon a holy eve, Orpharion solo (Rooley)

  11. Anon.
  12. Robin is to the greenwood gone, Orpharion and bass cittern

  13. Thomas Robinson
  14. Twenty waies upon the bells, Orpharion and bass cittern

  15. Vincenzo Galilei
  16. Contrapunto I, lute duet
  17. Fantasia, lute duet
  18. Contrapunto II, lute duet

  19. ----------
    Jean-Baptise Besard
  20. Four branles de village, lute duet

  21. Walter Frye
  22. Tout a par moy, lute duet

  23. Anon./Francesco Spinacino
  24. J'ay pris amours, lute duet

  25. Robert Morton
  26. Le souvenir, lute duet

  27. Jacob Arcadelt/Diego Ortiz
  28. O felice occhi mei, lute and tenor viol

  29. Luis Milan
  30. Fantasia, Lute solo (Rooley)

  31. Diego Ortiz
  32. Ricecarda, tenor viol solo
  33. Passamezzo Moderno, lute and tenor viol

  34. John Johnson
  35. Tinternell, lute duet
  36. Flatt Pavan, lute duet
  37. Galliard to the Flatt Pavan, lute duet
  38. A Dump, lute duet

Playing time: 52:00

Performer: [Anthony Rooley (lute, orpharion), James Tyler (lute, bass cittern, tenor viol)]

Recording site and date: Unknown [1972 or prior]

Comments: Information from owned LP.

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