Courtly Pastimes of 16th Century England

Courtly Pastimes of 16th Century England
St. George's Canzona - John Sothcott, dir.
L'Oiseau-Lyre SOL 329 [LP]


    William Cornish
  1. Blow thy horn, hunter (2 tenors, baritone, cornetto, sopranino recorder, tenor recorder, bass rebec)

  2. T. Susato
  3. Ronde - "Pour quoy" (recorder consort)

  4. C. Gervaise
  5. Allemande (cornetto, tenor recorder, tenor crumhorn, bass rebec)

  6. William Cornish
  7. Whiles life or breath (2 tenor, 2 baritones, cornetto, tenor recorder, tenor crumhorn, bass rebec)

  8. P. Attaignant
  9. Tourdion (crumhorn consort)

  10. F. Maschera
  11. Canzona Quarta (recorder consort)

  12. Rysbye
  13. Whoso that will himself apply (2 tenors, 2 baritones, crumhorn consort)

  14. Henry VIII
  15. Tho' some saith that youth ruleth me (tenor, tenor recorder, bass recorder, bass and great bass rebecs)

  16. T. Susato
  17. Saltarelle (crumhorn consort)

  18. Anon.
  19. Instrumental consort (3 rebecs, recorder)

  20. Anon.
  21. Time to pass with goodly sport (2 tenors, bass, soprano, tenor & bass crumhorns)

  22. Cooper
  23. I have been a foster (2 tenors, 2 baritones, tenor recorder, tenor, & bass crumhorns)

  24. Anon.
  25. Let not us that young men be (2 tenors, bass and great bass rebecs)

  26. T. Susato
  27. Basse danse - Le cueur est bon (recorder consort)

  28. T. Susato
  29. Basse danse - Entre du fol (crumhorn consort)

  30. Anon.
  31. Instrumental consort on Henry VIII's "If love now reigned" (3 rebecs, recorder)

  32. Henry VIII
  33. The Time of Youth (tenor, bass & great bass rebecs)

  34. Anon.
  35. And I were a maiden (2 counter tenors, baritone, tenor, tenor and bass recorders, 2 bass rebecs, bass crumhorn)

  36. F. Maschera
  37. Canzona Seconda (recorder consort)

  38. C. Gervaise
  39. Basse danse - La Volunte (cornetto, tenor recorder, tenor crumhorn, bass rebec)

  40. William Cornish
  41. Adieu mes amours (2 counter tenors, tenor, baritone, treble & tenor recorders, tenor crumhorn, bass rebec)

  42. William Cornish
  43. Fa la sol (rebec consort)

  44. Anon.
  45. Hey trolly lolly lo (2 counter tenor, treble & tenor recorders, tenor, baritone, alto & tenor crumhorn)

  46. T. Susato
  47. Basse danse - La Mourisque (crumhorn consort)

St. George's Canzona
Francis Grubb (rebecs), Derek Harrison (counter-tenor. bass rebec), John Lawes (recorders, crumhorns), Michael Oxenham (cornetto, recorders, crumhorn), Leila War (recorder, crumhorn, percussion)
With: John Whitworth (counter-tenor,baritone), Philip Langridge (tenor), Francis Grubb (baritone)
John Sothcott, dir.

Playing time: 53' app.

Recording date and site:
Unknown [1972 or prior];
Rel.: 1973

Reviewed in:
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 50/597-1540 (february 1973)

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