Dowland: A Pilgrim's Solace

Dowland: A Pilgrimes Solace (1612)
The Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley
L'Oiseau Lyre 436 188 (2 CDs)


    A Pilgrimes Solace - The Fourth Booke of Songs (1612):

  1. Disdain me still (bass, lute, bass viol)
  2. Sweet stay awhile (bass, lute, bass viol)
  3. To ask for all thy love (tenor, lute, bass viol)
  4. Love, those beams that breed (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass, lute)
  5. Shall I strive with words to move? (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass, lute)
  6. Were every thought an eye (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass, lute)
  7. Stay, Time, awhile thy flying (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass, lute)
  8. Tell me, true Love (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass, lute, bass viol)
  9. Go nightly cares (countertenor, treble viol, bass viol, lute)
  10. From silent night (countertenor, treble viol, bass viol lute)
  11. Lasso vita mia (countertenor, treble viol, bass viol lute)
  12. In this trembling shadow cast (soprano, 3 viols, lute)
  13. If that a sinner's sighs (tenor, lute, bass viol)
  14. Thou mighty God (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass)
  15. When David's life (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass)
  16. When the poor cripple (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass)
  1. Where sin sore wounding (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass, 4 viols, lute)
  2. My heart and tongue were twins (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass, 3 viols, lute)
  3. Up merry mates (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass, lute)
  4. Welcome black Night (2 sopranos, countertenor, tenor, bass, lute)
  5. Cease, cease these false sports (2 sopranos, countertenor, tenor, bass, lute, bass viol)
  6. Mr. Henry Noell Lamentations (1597):

  7. Lamentatio Henrici Noel (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass)
  8. Psalm 6: Domine ne in furore (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass)
  9. Psalm 51: Miserere mei Deus (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass)
  10. The Humble Suit of a Sinner (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass)
  11. The Humble Complaint of a Sinner (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass)
  12. Psalm 130: De Profundis (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass)
  13. Psalm 143: Domine exaudi (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass)
  14. 3 Sacred Songs:

  15. Sorrow, come (soprano, 4 viols)
  16. I shame at mine unworthiness (2 sopranos, countertenor, tenor, bass)
  17. An heart that's broken and contrite (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass, treble viol, flute, bass viol, cittern, bandora, lute)
  18. Psalmes:

  19. Psalm 100: All people that on earth do dwell (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass)
  20. Psalm 38: Put me not to rebuke, O Lord (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass)
  21. Psalm 130: Lord to thee I make my moan (tenor, organ)
  22. Psalm 104: My soul praise the Lord (bass, 3 viols, organ)
  23. Psalm 100: All people that on earth do dwell (countertenor, 3 viols, organ)
  24. Psalm 134: Behold and have regard (countertenor, 3 viols, organ)
  25. A Prayer for the Queen's most excellent Majesty (soprano, countertenor, tenor, bass, 3 viols, organ)

Performers: Emma Kirkby (soprano), Glenda Simpson (soprano 2), John York Skinner (countertenor), Martyn Hill (tenor), David Thomas (bass), Catherine Mackintosh (treble viol), Polly Waterfield (tenor viol), Ian Gammie (tenor viol), Trevor Jones (bass viol), Alan Wilson (organ), Bernard Thomas (flute), Julian Creme (cittern), Jakob Lindberg (bandora), Anthony Rooley (lute)

Playing time: 132'

Original release dates: 1979, 1980; re-released: 1992

The original release of "A Pilgrimes Solace" is on L'Oiseau Lyre 585-6, while that for the Lamentations & Psalms is L'Oiseau Lyre 551.

The collection "A Pilgrimes Solace" (1612) is Dowland's fourth and last book of song; it occupies the bulk of this 2CD set. This is another classic recording which would be difficult to duplicate.

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